The terrific evidence to hire a car accident lawyers Los Angeles


The Terrific Evidence To Hire A car Accident Lawyers Los Angeles


To hire a car accident lawyers Los Angeles is not my goal in itself. So, either you read this article after being involved in a car accident or a member of your family,. And there you’ll feel the validity of the words that I advance to you.

Or you read this article out of curiosity and there it encourages you to read it carefully because it is better to prevent than to cure.

Globally in US, and unfortunately, Automobile accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of accidental deaths and catastrophic injuries in the United States. And Also, According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “There is a $277 billion impact in economic costs and $594 billion in societal impact, including the suffering and loss of life resulting from car crashes”.

Drivers who sustain fatal injuries in a single year are measured in the tens of thousands, and nearly 2.5 million are seriously hurt or permanently disabled.They are responsible for billions in property damage and other economic losses each year.

This at the federal level, but what about at the state level? especially, Los Angeles, CA. And why we chose Los Angeles? Are there any secrets on it?

Car accident lawyers Los Angeles, Why?

Because car accidents lawyers Los Angeles, is one of the topics among others. Los Angeles continues to wreak havoc on traffic accidents. That’s Why is needed to be analyzed at all times.

But before that, it was necessary to review what efforts done at the federal level to reduce car accidents fatalities and damages. Because At this level It’ is also alarming.

According To National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, In 2018 ,  USA, 34,247 car accidents occurred making 40,000 deaths, About 4.5 million people were seriously injured  and costing $ 871 billion a year, federal study finds. Nearly $900 for every person living in the U.S. that year.

Therefore, in California, alone, the number of accidents in 2019 is of the order of 3,563 is and have made 3,445 traffic deaths.

what are the causes and consequences of this high number of car accidents In California?

Briefly, Faced with this alarming situation, I ask myself the question, what are the preventive measures taken by the federal and local powers at the level of California to fight against accidents and their Economic and societal impact?

Otherwise, And beyond those measures, victims of those crashes and their family members, dead or Injury Victims , need to be protected legally, informed of their rights, the lawsuit to Follow in order to obtain the compensation they wish.

 The Care Accident Lawyers Los Angeles are solicited to help injuries victims. Also, Los Angeles car accident attorney Will Deserve victims The Law protection they deserved.

So,  where And when they should hiring a car crash lawyer Los Angeles and to know the criteria of choice of auto accident lawyers Los AngelesEe

A. The Latest Car Accidents Statistics in United States 2019 │ Alarming Heavy Report

a.USA Car Accident 2019 Statistics Globally Featured

In 2018, In USA, 34,247 car accidents occurred making 40,000 deaths, About 4.5 million people were seriously injured  and costing $871 billion a year, federal study finds. Nearly $900 for every person living in the U.S. that year (NHSTA, 2018).  



b.Car Accident Causes:

  • Alcohol Involvements 40%;

  • Speeding-Related Fatalities 30%;

  • Distracted Drivers, Cell Phone, Texting…

c.Car Accidents Implications :

  • 6 Million average number of car accidents In USA Every Year
  • 90 people die every day; According To Driver Knowledge
  • 3 Million average of persons injured in Car Accidents; (Source Driver Knowledge).
  • Around 2 million drivers in car accidents experience permanent injuries every year, According To Driver Knowledge.
  • 1 Of 7 op passengers don’t Wear A seatbelt, ‘Source Driver Knowledge)
  • Crash risk is highest during the first year drivers have their license  According To Driving Test;
  • 1.6 million car collisions were caused by cell phone use while driving Announced At Edgarsnyder ;
  • Drivers aged 16 to 19 are three times more likely to be involved in car crashes than older drivers, Advanced By National Safety Resource Center .
  • 74% of passenger vehicle occupants killed in 2016 were drivers; 71% of these were males. (IIHS, 2018)
  • Male drivers were involved in 34% of fatal crashes in 2016 while female drivers were involved in 12%. (Source, US Department of Transportation, 2017)

d. Federal State measures To Combat Car Accidents

 The federal government is responsible for taking the proper decisions necessary to combat traffic accidents and protect Injury victims both during the accident period and in the post-accident phase.

1. Preventive Phase

The United States Department of Transportation have taken the following steps and measures to reduce Car accidents Victims: (Source, US Department Of Transportation)

- Awareness programs;

How many people commute to work each day? 

Close to 143 million Americans aged 16 and older commute to work each day. That’s about 45% of the population that’s on the move at any given time. (According To Credit Donkey).

Unfortunately, not everyone makes it home safely.

Almost all states have declared war on traffic accidents such as Miami,  Los Angeles,  San Diego, And Others:

  • Vision Zero Initiative;
  •  Fixing dangerous intersections;
  • Improving and funding infrastructure;
  • Fixing problems with storm-water drainage.
- Improve access to desired destinations 

so people can eliminate some car trips and further decrease their potential exposure to motor vehicle collisions.

In addition, transportation agencies can coordinate with land use agencies to plan communities for which destinations are located closer to homes.

- Vision Zero
Road to Zero
  • Road To Zero, is a federal initiative to end traffic fatalities in the United States by 2050. The initiative, launched by the National Safety Council, has Three Primary Focuses:

    1. Adopt safe systems approach and create a positive safety culture.
    2. Embrace life-saving technology.
    3. Commit to safety programs that have a proven track record of success.


    •  Cell Phone Bans;
    • Drunk Shop Liability;
    •  Fighting Against Distracted Driving;

Design Safer Streets Will Contribute To protect all users of the transportation system, particularly vulnerable users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

2. USA Legal Car Accidents protection:

Each state in the United States has Its Car Accident legislation. it is a good thing to adapt each legislation to the  specificity of each State.

2.1 What’s The Car Accidents Law?

on the authority of :


“ Car accident law refers to the legal rules that determine who is responsible for the personal and property damage resulting from a traffic collision. This area of the law consists of the principles of negligence, as applied to this particular category of personal injury cases 

2.2 Steps to Take Following an Accident

After A Car Accident, You Must Observe This:

  • To remain silent about who is to blame for the incident;
  • Do not allow out-of-court statements. But there is an exception for admissions;
  • To make notes of any statements made by the other driver;
  •  Includes witness contact information, descriptions of the road, traffic, and weather conditions, and photographs of the Car. You Can  Also record A Video;
  • Note down the names of police officers to get copies of their reports.
  • Contact a personal injury Attorneys to preserve The victim’s rights to compensation;
  • Before signing anything, be sure to consult a Car Accident attorney. 

As Seen Above, each State Has Its Car Accident Laws, In United States, such As California.


So, What’s About California?


B-The Truth About Car Accidents In California

a-California Car Accident Statistics 2018
Alt="Car Accident California Statistics"

                                                                                                                Source (Statista)

1-Statistics Of Car Accidents In California
  • On The Authority Of  The The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety , Totals Vehicle Miles Traveled In California Are 353,868,000,000  miles, Number Of Fatal Crashes Is 3,304;
  • 48 Deaths/ 100.000 persons in California in 2018;  ( According to 2018 County Health Rankings Report)
  • Alcohol-Impaired Driving Fatalities: 1,069 Vehicle Accidents due to Alcohol-Impaired Driving Fatalities/ Totals accidents In California, 3,563 In 2018;  (Source, NHTSA, 2018)
  • Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Reporting Rates 

    For Drivers/Motorcycle Rider (Operators) Involved in Fatal Crashes In 2018:  1.898 CA/ 21,420 In USA; (Source, NHTSA, 2018)

2- Why And When Car Accident Happens In California?
  •  Distracted Driving In  5.9% of deadly accidents Happens In The Weekend, compared to 5.3% during the week. And Sadly, 80% Of Car Accidents Involved Distracted Driving;
  • Nighttime Is the most High Risk time for car accidents. In 2016, nighttime accidents accounted for 6.3% of crash fatalities, while daytime accounted for 4.8%.
  • Drunk Driving with 30%;
3- Economic Costs Of Car Accident In California

In 2013, Per example,

  • Medical bills Cost =  38 Million Of Dollars
  • Work Loss Cost =  4.44 Billion Of Dollars

                   Totals =   4.48 Billion Of Dollars

alt="California Car Accidents Costs"

                                                                                                                       Source( CDC. 2013)

Given this overwhelming number of victims in California, it is wise to pinpoint all the ramifications of traffic accident legislation aimed at helping victims suffering from bodily and mental injuries, To Hire a car Accident Lawyer In Los Angeles, California.

b-Brief Overview Of Car Accident Laws In California
1-Minimum Insurance Requirements
  • In accordance with the California Traffic Accidents Laws:
  • The Car owners Is financially responsible for any accidents that they are involved in.
  • The  insurance code Necessitate that all vehicles be covered with a minimum of 15/30/5 insurance, It means that it provides maximum coverage of:                                    
  •  15,000  Of Dollars for the injury or death to one person
  • 30,000 Of Dollars for injury or death to more than one person
  • 5,000 Of Dollars for property damage.
  • Also, Motorists must proof insurance readily available in case they are involved in an accident.
2-Additional Insurance

California’s Laws, requires, Also, that  You can purchase additional insurance to cover any damages that Injured  party can seek an amount above those covered by Your Insurance.

For this reason, many people purchase supplemental insurance, including Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage.

c- Brief Overview Of Car Accidents Los Angeles Statistics

Despite the city’s efforts to reduce traffic accidents through its “Vision Zero” policy which was initiated in 2016.

 2017 was the first full Year for the city’s Vision Zero policy, That Has For stated goal reducing and eventually totally eliminating traffic deaths by ultimately reaching zero traffic fatalities by 2025.

But in that time,” 260 pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers and passengers died in collisions on city streets, a marked increase from the 186 traffic deaths that occurred in 2015.” Announced Los Angeles Curbed.

Generally, in 2016, According To official Stats, 55,360 traffic accidents happened in L.A., which represents a 7 percent increase over 2015.

So, As You Know, And As I said and analyzed lengthily, It makes sense to mark a distance with a lot of misconceptions about hiring or not a car accident Attorney Los Angeles CA, If You are involved in a Car collision.

Briefly, I’ll share with You My opinions about some common mistakes and  “myths” to demystify when you are involved in a car accident and I make a Great mistake when I intend or not to hire an auto accident lawyer Los Angeles, if I am injured in a motocycle Accident or other kind of Crashes. What to consider to choose a best car accident lawyer los angeles?

So, Let me Show You this With More Precisions.

C. Accurate Data That Will Make You Eager To Hire a car accident Lawyers Los Angeles

a. 20 Most Common Mistakes And Myths to demystify

To hire a los angeles car accident attorney is an evidence. But There are 20 Most Common Mistakes And Wrong “Myths”  To Demystify


  • Not Calling the Police;


  • Admitting Fault


  • Giving a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company;


  • To Deal With Insurance Companies Alone And Accepting the First Insurance Offer


  • Not using your car insurance for medical treatment;


  • Posting In Social Media


  • Not Collecting The Other driver Or Drivers And Exchanging Insurance Information 


  •  Making Recorded Statements


  • Trusting The Insurance Company;


  •  Cashing a Check


  • Not Seeking Timely Medical Treatment;


  •  To handle your claim on your own after a serious accident


  • Purchasing inadequate insurance coverage;


  • Considering Insurance Company As a Good Adviser and Can friendly tell You The right way to Follow.


  • Hit and leaving The scene of  The accident; 


  •  Not Learning About Your Rights 


  • Settling Too Quickly To Your Owen Without Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer.


  • Waiting Too Long to File a Claim


  • Lying or skipping Parts of the Story;


  • To Think That Hiring An Auto Accident Attorney Is A Waste Of Time And Money. And You Can Work With The Others Parties Without A third Party. 

So, You Have to Hire A los angeles car accident attorney Immediately After a Car accident Or Any Kind Of motor vehicle Accidents.

b. Do You Finally Expect To Hire A car accident lawyer los angeles ca │ So, What To Do And Consider?
1. What To Consider When Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer Los Angeles?
  • Lawyer Creativity And “Background”, is necessary in order to give you a legal representation and to achieve a good Success and  Best settlements;
  • Car accident lawyer with experience to win your case At Least 15 Years Of Experience in this kind of affairs,
  • Experience will lead an auto accident lawyer to investigate further and ask the right questions to uncover higher coverage.
  • The Car Accident Lawyer, in addition of his legal task of representing Clients, Take Care of Your pain and injuries Implications and Complications After The Auto Accident and addition, they give you a free consultation.
2.When To Get An auto Accident attorney Los Angeles And What Kind Of Lawyer You Should Hire? ​
  • when you are Seriously injured in a car accident;
  • Their Knowledge of Law and Lawsuit Rules And Legal Tasks to defend any accident Case;
  • Your medical bills Appears High To Cover;
  • You Loose A Lot Of Work Time;
  • Your Insurance Company bears the blame on you;
  • Multiple persons Are Involved In The accident.

D. Conclusion

The rate and the high cost of accidents in United States as a whole in Los Angeles, California is a sad reality. But also this reality incites us poor people, forced daily to fight to earn our living and thereby to practice the road, not to hesitate at any time and immediately, after having an accident, to contract with a car accident lawyer because  He is the one who is able to defend our interests and obtain the compensation we want.

the rate and the high cost of accidents in the United States as a whole in Los Angeles, California is a sad reality. But also this reality incites us poor people, forced daily to fight to earn our living and thereby to practice the road, not to hesitate at any time and immediately, after having an accident, to hire a accident lawyers in los angeles because it He is the one who is able to defend our interests and obtain the compensation we want. 

 In Beverly hills car accident lawyer, Or Beverly hills car accident attorney, For example, are Both solicited to defend people involved in Car crash. 

But it is not Only in California or Los Angeles that are affected by this horrible “plague” that ravages and that I call “war against the city”.

you know that each state has its law on traffic accidents according to its specificities, as we quote for example, car accident lawyer los angeles harrington injury law, car accident lawyer los angeles bitton law,  

This leads me to conclude by asking a number of pertinent questions:

what about the rest of counties in California Such As Southern California, Or In The Other Cities  such as Dallas, Houston, Kentucky, Baltimore, Arizona, Atlanta, Texas…?

We’ll be back Very soon. Let Us!!



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