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Car accident california
In California, accident claiming Or If You’re involved in a car accident, You should know the Car accident California laws and lawsuit. So We’ll Talk About The Top 10 California Traffic Safety Laws  .

laws promulgated to help to combat against  Car accidents those continue to make large numbers of victims.

Therefore, California has promulgated car accidents Laws and determinate lawsuit to respect While driving.

Top 10 car accident laws California
Cell phone use

1. California automobile accident laws bans distracted driving from all cell phone use including texting while driving under primary enforcement laws.

Child passengers Protection

2. Also California car accident laws dictate that Child passengers aged two and under, weighing under 40 pounds, and being less than 40 inches tall, The Driver should secure Him during a rear-facing safety seat within the rear seat.

In Addition, Adult seat belts are permissible for children aged 8 to 15, who are taller than 57 inches.

Also, The maximum fine for a first offense is $100 plus points.

3. California decriminalize marijuana and Medical Use.

California has no specificity in This domain, But Law in California decriminalize marijuana and It is legal for medical use.
Drunk-driving laws

4. Drunk-driving laws require  to impound your vehicle If Not They confiscate It, and Suspend Your license for four months for a first offense.

So, Ignition interlocks are mandatory in Alameda, Tulare, Los Angeles, and Sacramento counties.

Teen drivers Laws

5. Teen drivers have to complete a three-stage Graduated Driver Licensing system before given full driving privileges.

Therefore, You can take your permit test at age 15 years and six months, your road test at age 16, and are eligible for your full, non-restricted license at age 17.

Universal Helmet Law

6.  A Universal Helmet Law pass in 1992 requiring that all motorcycle rider wear a helmet, and regularly, all bicyclists under the age of 18 wear a helmet.

Mature drivers Licenses  renewal

7. Mature drivers must ,inevitably, renew their licenses every five years.

However, driver’s aged 70 and over cannot renew by mail.

Seat belt

8. Seat belt use is primary enforced, and seat belts  all passengers aged 16 or younger in all seats must Also wear It.

The maximum fine for a first offense is $162.

Annual sobriety checkpoints

9. California conducts more than 2500 sobriety checkpoints across the state every year.

Speed Limits

10. The maximum speed limit for trucks on all interstates and roadways is 55 mph.

Moreover, The maximum speed for traveler vehicles is seventy mph on rural interstates and restricted access roads and sixty five mph on urban intersections.


Finally, the question asked In The End, is If these severe California accident auto laws has contributed to the reduction of car crashes.

apart from all these questions, and in consideration of all the laws cited above, it seems harmful to remind you, whatever the case you are involved in, it is recommended to hire a car accident lawyer In California.

Likely, That’s what we’re going to look at in the next article.



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