COVID-19 Has positive side Effects

No one can ignore that coronavirus has caused human deaths and heavy economic troubles, particularly in the united...
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Pedestrian hit by car│who Is At Fault?

Introduction Pedestrian hit by car, who Is At Fault? A lot of People usually ask me this question.
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Car Seat utility to increase Child Safety

Introduction Car Seat importance for children's safety against car accidents. that's the main question that I'll try to get response and claim What Should...
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Is a hit and run a felony? Do I Need Lawyer Help?

 Introduction:     A hit and run is considered literally and legally as the act to cause a car collision and leaving the scene. So, is hit and  run a...
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Why You Must Hire A Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Introduction At some point in the day, everyone is a pedestrian, and unfortunately, pedestrian fatalities remain high.
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The Exclusive Distracted Driving Statistics 2020

The Exclusive Distracted Driving Statistics 2020 Introduction driving definitionCommonly defined distracted driver or Distracted driving,  while driving due to any activity that could cause the driver to divert his or...