COVID-19 Has positive side Effects


No one can ignore that coronavirus has caused human deaths and heavy economic troubles, particularly in the united states of America.
But and as noted by some specialists and observers, COVID-19 also has positive repercussions on certain domains such As:

1- The Coronavirus reduces USA Car Accidents by 50% and save The United States an average of 2 billion $ Per Day because the shelter-in-place order handed down on March 20 had the impact of decreasing traffic accidents;

2- Researchers in the USA and other countries in The World, toled to media airly that Levels Of pollution are reduced by nearly 50%.

Therefore, Nasa images shows how pollution is dropping rapidly in cities in The Globe particularly in China And USA.

3- The Coronavirus pandemic learn to all of Us, rich or poor, that we are all concerned by this earth, and we are all faced  we have to work together to solve problems.

4- This pandemic learn us the fact that leaders of politics had made a lot of mistakes. So They are not able to conduct the world correctly. So The civil society is called to lead the world with the politics seriously.   


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